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House Painting Services in Chattanooga, TN
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Exterior Painting

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Exterior Painting

Exterior painting is the most effective way you can give your home a fresh start. Whether you're changing the color or simply refreshing a color you already love, our professional exterior painters can immediately make your home more attractive. Call on us to touch up trim or do a full exterior paint job. From porches to patch work, we're ready to start.

A weatherproof home is a sealed home and we know that paint is only part of that process. For that reason, we pay close attention to prep work. Before our exterior painters start any job, we make sure the surface is ready to accept paint. That means pressure washing with time to dry before the full crew shows up. When we do arrive, we get right to work scraping loose paint off the surface. We also seal any holes between trim and fascia, around windows, and between boards on the soffits.

Prep Work

This typically includes removing any debris, repairing damage, pressure washing, and sealing gaps, etc.

Exterior Trim Painting

Call on us for exceptional trim painting. Our level of detail comes from a desire for your complete satisfaction.

Full Exterior Painting

We'll help you with everything from paint selection and convenient scheduling to the exterior painting itself.
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Exterior Painting Testimonials

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